Did you know some of the greatest scripts of all time went through 200 rewrites? Making a movie is a lot of work and requires a lot of people. The key is to make sure you start with a great script. Something that is amazing. My first suggestion to you is to make sure you get a lot of people to read it. Have people not into film making or writing read it. People who love movies and maybe have never read a script before. Get that feedback. And keep rewriting.

If you are going to film yourself. Make sure there are a limited number of locations. Of course once a film crew comes to a location they usually aren’t welcome back for a second day. So let’s break this down more. If a movie script has 3 acts it also has 8 mini segments. What if you could film each of those segments as a short. What if each one of them took place at one location. You could in theory film a movie over 8 weekends. Each weekend knock out 15 pages at one location. Of course you can’t get kicked out the fist day. I believe this is one of the best ways to make a no budget film. You start filming one segment as a short. Then you can test out the actors and get things edited and get that feedback from a few limited screenings.

Places to film is the biggest cost driver in low budget films. When film no one care how much damage the crew is going to do if you have millions of dollars. Get in get out. Write the story this way. Film on weekends makes it easier to get people involved and working for free. Also this goes without saying. Props, art design and wardrobe need to be minimal. Write a story that has things you already own and not stuff you need to buy.