In my opinion of the biggest advantages over the last decade is lighting. For decades Hollywood has used the same kind of lights. Take a look at Mole Richardson. They sold lights made for industrial use that worked beautifully but they used a lot of electricty and created a lot of heat. But now most of us have shifted to digital and the lighting requirements are different for the first time.

We shot a short last Halloween that took place at night of course because it was a scary story. We used a low end DSLR. I would have preferred using a phone but the director had that preference. I did the lighting and I’m not gaffer and certainly not a cinematographer. I used a few very inexpensive LED lights from Neewer.  They were very inexpensive. Most importantly they are portable and very light and create zero heat. Best of all the batteries lasted the entire night and I didn’t need to run any cords. I admit we used mainly natural lighting. There where a lot of cases an extra light source helped capture the image. I could quickly grab one of these little lights and hold it in place to allow the director to complete the shot. We didn’t have to spend an hour lighting. We could run and gun it.  They also come with some filters and you can add a softbox. The entire kit with cheap amazon basic stands came in at just a few hundred dollars. I have bought lighting kits that didn’t have much more brightness for thousands of dollars.  Those lights got hot. We would trip circuit breakers.  Actors would sweet. It wasn’t pretty. It made a lot of extra work. When you are filming without a full crew these LED lights are the only option.


I recommend every filmmaker give them a try. They are selling inexpensive LED lights designed specifically for phone video that do a fabulous job. They cost a fraction of what we used to spend and the results are amazing.

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