As an amateur film maker with two failed no budget productions under my belt I wanted to dive into the technology being used in film making today. Not only the high tech stuff that the movie studios use in Hollywood but also whats available for the amateur who doesn’t have a rich million dollar producer behind them.

The first time I tried to film a movie I used one of  the  first prosummer digital cameras. It recorded video to something called a P2 card. you had to transfer the data to a hard drive. It was a slow process. It took longer to do that then change out a film reel.  We used 2000 GB of storage which cost $2,000 at the time. The largest hard drive on the market  was only 500 GB. Today you can but a 2Tb drive for under $100. Not only is the cost a lot less but it’s super fast.

Digital video can be done almost as beautifully with a new cellular phone. The days of DSLR are even behind us. The things that drove up costs on the technology side are gone. If you want a wide dolly shot from above you don’t need to rent a helicopter you can rent a drone for $100.

Lights even have changed. These days you can get a ton of bright light that use a fraction of the amount of electricity and don’t produce the same heat. In fact we filmed a short 48 hour film project using small hand held LEC lights powered by battery. The battery lasted  the entire night and we filmed outside without needing generators.

Today it’s a different ball game. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of a great story.