LED Lights For Film Making

In my opinion of the biggest advantages over the last decade is lighting. For decades Hollywood has used the same kind of lights. Take a look at Mole Richardson. They sold lights made for industrial use that worked beautifully but they used a lot of electricty and created a lot of heat. But now most […]

Film Schedules For Micro Budget Films

The call sheet is something you should make when you are producing a film.  Cast and crew love them because it’s proof of the days they have spend on set. In order to get into the union you need to work a specified number of days on film sets and this is the best way […]

Act 3

We have talked about how important having a great story is in previous posts. I’m currently going through Martin Scorsese master class and he talks about how you need to have a passion or a burning desire to tell your story as a motion picture. I honestly believe a critical element to getting the story […]

Writing Partners

Over the years I have frequently worked with a writing partner. The reason is that I found the brain storming aspect created a far better story than I could do by myself. Two minds can be better than one. I suspect it had to do with the conversation and being able to bounce ideas off […]

How To Make A Micro Budget Film

Here are a few very important things to keep in mind if you want to make a film on a small budget.  The first thing I would say is seriously consider thinking about breaking a feature up into 8 sequences or mini movies. In other words you could film 8 shorts and tie them together […]

The Best Film Equipment Ever

I want to get on my soap box for a few minutes. I’m so tired of working with amateur film makers who think the type of equipment being used is important. And it’s across the board. The best film equipment is what ever you own. That doesn’t mean using a credit card and going into […]

Mini Movie Method

One of my favorite concepts for no budget filmmaking is using the mini movie method in crafting the script. The reason is that instead of filming a feature film you can instead film 8 mini movies or AKA shorts. I think this gives a project more of a fighting chance. There are a lot of […]

10 Things To Avoid When Writing Low Budget Scripts

there is nothing more important than having a great script. Oscar award winning actors, the most expensive camera equipment and posh locations don’t make a movie. Let’s be honest here. If you are reading a blog about technology in film making you probably don’t have a lot of money. It used to be that a […]


Did you know some of the greatest scripts of all time went through 200 rewrites? Making a movie is a lot of work and requires a lot of people. The key is to make sure you start with a great script. Something that is amazing. My first suggestion to you is to make sure you […]


As an amateur film maker with two failed no budget productions under my belt I wanted to dive into the technology being used in film making today. Not only the high tech stuff that the movie studios use in Hollywood but also whats available for the amateur who doesn’t have a rich million dollar producer […]